Deepest Longings

I will never forget this moment. I had been preparing for it my entire life. Since my early teenage years, I had only ever wanted to be a professional musician. I practiced my electric and upright basses for hours and hours every day for many years, to the point where my sleep would suffer and my fingers would bleed. This night was it…it was going to be the climax of my career. We scheduled an impromptu gig with many of the musicians from one of the nation’s most renowned jazz orchestras. We invited everyone we knew, and the little downtown bar/restaurant was packed out. We spent the entire night playing classic funk, rock and jazz tunes. People were dancing everywhere. The music was tight. People had a blast! Time flew as I played with my musical heroes. But it was over way too quickly. read more…

Baby Steps

The Fusco family is entering a new season of life and it’s going to be glorious. Our youngest daughter, Annabelle, is 18 months old. She has just entered the stage of life every parent waits for – potty training. She will sit on the potty three or four times a day. She doesn’t do anything yet. But we still make a big deal over it. We do that because we know that one day it will click. And from that day forward, our days of diapers are done!

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Love Gives Room

One of the writers of the Jesus story, Paul, begins his famous expose on love with this saying, “Love is patient.” You have probably heard this saying many times. It’s read at most Christian weddings. (At those weddings you don’t hear it read, it’s usually because the bride and groom have heard it at too many weddings!) I personally prefer the more classic translation, “Love suffers long,” because it is more provocative. “Long suffering” says something to me that I’m not comfortable with. Patience is usually understood as waiting a long time. When we realize patience is suffering a long time, it hits our heart in a different way. There is a big difference between waiting and suffering.

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