The Fusco family is entering a new season of life and it’s going to be glorious. Our youngest daughter, Annabelle, is 18 months old. She has just entered the stage of life every parent waits for – potty training. She will sit on the potty three or four times a day. She doesn’t do anything yet. But we still make a big deal over it. We do that because we know that one day it will click. And from that day forward, our days of diapers are done!

Why do I tell you about my daughter’s potty training? Because it reminds me so much of the babies in Christ at Crossroads. We see them sitting on the potty. They step out in faith to do something they see us doing. Everyone around who has been there a while knows they don’t know what they are doing. And that is okay. But we still get really excited that they are on the potty. They are stepping out and we want to encourage them. Because we know that one day it will all click. And that will be a glorious day for our Crossroads family.

I know – you’re probably wondering why I would go here. But there’s a moral to my story too good to pass up. And it’s this – no one gets potty trained unless they sit on the potty. So step out in faith. If you are willing to keep trying, when it all comes together, it will be glorious!

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